Monday, March 30, 2009


this picture was a teaser for my show I wanted to do... it would be awesome.. but I sadly can't tell the story because of copyrights and such.. I don't want to have my idea being stolen!

basically if I wanted to put my pictures on this blog, it was to give people a more professional look of my art and to not put too much of ''fan-girl'' things, if you know what I mean...
I wanted to do a clean art profile.. and I thought I could do it here!

this is basically what my sketches look like when I clean and color the background in gray...
I think its important that you sketches look clean and professional... specially if you leave it this way and will work on it later... sometimes when 2 characters are touching, its hard to see if the other is behind or next to it were the hands are and it gets really confusing... after all it just look like a mess of lines everywhere!

I draw my original character with Nergal a lot... I really love this character, its my favorite from billy and mandy... god he's such a jinx! anytime I watch one of the episodes he figures in I can't stop laughing!
thing is.. I am not easily amused... but any of his episodes will surely put a smile on my face ahaha
this was just a test.. I work a lot with photoshop's pentool and I wanted to know how the coloring would look like when Im not using it... and also I wanted to draw nergal in a different style... moar sexeh D8
this took me like what.. 10 secs... Im so fast with my pen... I didn'T even had to sketch it... I just started coloring doing Demongo. my back grounds are so simple.. I can do perspective.. I just don't ever feel like doing any actually eh

I was sorta mad when I drew theses two, not any particular reasons eh, but actually I really would like if theses two to meat! they are both so awesome... along with nergal; Demongo and Jack 'o lantern are my favorite characters of all time
this was a present for a friend of mine on deviantart... please don't seek me on deviantart yet... I haven'T cleaned up the mature drawings I did... Im a naughty zombie I know *sigh* even got banned from it... but what I basicly thing is.. we are on the internet... we shouldn't be scared to see such art! you have been warn anyways
present for my friend, this is her original character! I love her very much, eheehe I happen to call her ''sister'' since we are so close now. She loves jack! we both are huge fans actually!
original character and Nergal
oh dear, I am sorry I did such girly legs... I was lazy I didn't drew the skulls on his chest... this picture makes me laugh.. I really love how it came out.. with all the light effects and glows
this was when me and my friend first met, I actually did a drawing saying this will be a good collab and it ended up with a wonderful frindship!
Jack in the morning with a nuber 1 prankster coffee cup
little test here... I wanted to show jack looking more sexy, I also used a different coloring technique
first time I drew Demongo... the skulls looked weird... really... but it was my first time... dont blame me D8
ORIGINAL CHARACTER, his name is Mr. cupworth its a robot... I developed a story on him .. like presentation like/dislikes and such
My original character and nergal again, I sure love to draw them together ehehe :P
in case you didn't noticed she is a zombie, whitch explain why her eye is blank and that her skin is blue... SHE IS DEAD!
little comic I actually NEVER finished... I had an idea and it was suppose to be a collab comic with one of my firends... but we actually abandonned the idea somehow
this is the vilain concept in the show I want to do... his name is BBF (big bad wolf)
he's actually a werewolf... I sadly can't say more on this character... BECAUSE! it doesn'T have any copyrights yet eh.


to lazy to write everyone again ehehe
next post I will put here.. is my underfist comic.. its not finished yet! its actually a prodject in process yeah... ehehe

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My artwork/my life

as I said before, some characters don't belong to me... wow... old drawing is old! enjoy anyways eh... advanced critics are encouraged

this is the grim reaper and Nergal form Billy and Mandy

old jack! I dunno.. I always thought that Jack's voice could never sound the same as when he haves his pumpkin head... but here is Demongo having a little fun by confusing our favorite prankster by giving him his head back for one night! I really love how this drawing turned out, its one of my favorites

a little sketch, this is how my work first look like before being colored and such...
this picture is my two original characters as they wake up eheh.

some original character I made for my boyfriend, I love mechas or robot suits... I dunno.. lasers are awesome... makes you feel invinsible!
My original character and Nergal playing hide and seek, you are now allowed to use my original character/my fan art... or at least.. ask before using please...

I sure love this style, I have my own tough... I did changed a bit the anatomy... I dunno.. the original is shorter and haves a huge head yeah.. this is my original character and Nergal(from billy and mandy)
more recent one, this is Demongo from samurai jack... one of my favorites villains of all time....
I did this in like what.. 10 mins.. max... its so nothing... but I always thought it looked like a travel postcard or something like that

I will post more... I have many more stuff.... but for now its just that I have a huge need of drawing something... hope you enjoy anyways...

Jack O'Lantern and Nergal (c) ATOMS
Demongo (c) Tartakovsky
Mary the zombie (c) Myself
Sebby(in or out robot suit) (c) me

Say hello to an unliving

hello my name is Mary!
future cartoonist and cartoon artist! yeah!
I wanted to do myself a blog.. for what?! I dunno maybe to get people to know me more and to appreciate what I do!

Im working hard and I keep practicing all week long... well as soon as I get enough money I will go back to college in animation... I was THERE!

BUT! I was not having enough time to finish my work... I was always late... I was always stuck in the traffic... or the subway was broken/full ... EVERYTHING TO STRESS THE HELL OUTTA ME D8

and I had to wake up at 5am to not be late... its always took 2 hours to get to my school, every...SINGLE MORNING!!!
and I was going to bed real late since I had a ton of work... it was not animation stuff that was hard.. it was the french and y'know... this kind of stuff you never use in art at all....

so anyway! woohoo! parteh hard!

hope you'll enjoy me staying here and post some of my art... oh and by the way
if I happen to draw a character which belongs to someone... the fan art belongs to me... but the character to the owner... you are not allowed to use my art and claim it as you own...